Breakthrough Techniques for Improving Posture and Function

Postural Assessment and Correction


Are you concerned about the state of your posture?

Do you experience clumsiness that comes and goes?

Have you noticed changes in your height or stature over the last several years?

Do you suffer from seemingly unrelated neck, shoulder, back, hip, knee or foot pain?

Have you suffered with migraines that seem not to respond to other therapies or drugs?


You may be surprised to hear that recent discoveries in the field of neurophysiology allow us to successfully address these and a host of related conditions painlessly, without the need for costly and time consuming procedures, treatments or surgeries.

How does it work?

Posturology is a process in which bodily asymmetries, pain and dysfunction are noted.  Then, in a series of repeated steps and reassessments, subtle changes are made to improve neural communication in the visual, foot, skin and jaw receptors.  This results in immediate improvements in posture and function.


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