MAT--Muscle Activation Techniques


If you're concerned about your overall health, wellness and muscle function...

If you've experienced chronic joint or muscle pain...

If you're interested in improving your athletic performance...

Or if you've fallen victim to repeated injuries and can't understand why…

Then MAT- Muscle Activation Techniques might be for you

What is MAT--Muscle Activation Techniques?

MAT is a highly evolved, scientific approach designed to improve the way muscles, bones and joints work together.  In many cases, key muscles become weak or inflamed eventually shutting down due to stress, overuse and injury.  Compensation patterns form as a temporary means of continuing activities of daily living.  In this state compensating muscles dominate while key muscles stay weak or inhibited until acted upon effectively.  This is where MAT comes in.

MAT is a uniquely effective way of identifying these weaknesses, correcting imbalances and restoring normalized muscle and joint function.

MAT and Pilates?

MAT principles ground the work we do at Beyond Pilates. Exercise alone can rarely address muscle imbalances and tightness.   MAT principles not only inform our exercise programming decisions, but serve as a powerful and informative tool in supporting our clients' fitness by restoring proper alignment, functional flexibility, strength, balance and coordination.


Some of our clients have seen:

• noticeable decreases in chronic and transient pain

• renewed and improved strength, flexibility, balance and athletic performance

• extreme postural improvements

• deeper, uninterrupted sleep

• greater overall sense of well being

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