Private Pilates and Fitness Training

An individualized approach toward achieving one's fitness goals, personal pilates and fitness instruction at beyond pilates is undertaken with a careful eye toward postural alignment, core stabilization, symmetry and movement coordination. Each of our personal pilates and fitness clients is given an initial assessment, in which one's strengths and weaknesses, unique pattern of muscular compensations, exercise and health history, and injury status are addressed. Goals are then set that match the client's current condition with one or more specific goals, be they fat loss, muscular gain, flexibility enhancement or injury prevention. client status is then regularly reassessed to determine each new round of target goals.

Two-person/Semi-private Session

Perfect for couples, close friends, coworkers or even acquaintances, these shared classes are challenging full-body workouts that involve a high level of personalized instructor attention. A slightly more social experience, they appeal most to those who are interested in sharing their workout experience and, perhaps, enjoying the freedom to work independently at regular intervals while attention is focused on the workout partner. An added benefit is the insight that comes from observing the progress and improvements of another individual.

Small-group Mat/Tower/Reformer Class

A vigorous full-body workout composed of four individuals given careful attention in a fun, uplifting environment. The focus is on commonly shared goals of weight loss, muscle toning, trunk stabilization, posture and symmetry correction, coordination, and injury prevention.