Why we're different

What does Beyond Pilates mean?  

Isn't it just a fancy name for a Pilates studio?

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The sessions and classes held at Beyond Pilates integrate a depth of understanding of biomechanics, the science of human motion, that far exceeds the status quo.  In some cases, the standard practice in Pilates and Fitness is to take on exercises without really understanding the potential benefits, or risks involved.

What this means is that the movements we share in an effort to derive the maximum fitness or restorative benefit have been evaluated with a risk/benefit filter to determine if the movement in question will serve the individual in the present or future.  

Who We Are

Ed Morand, Owner, Manager, Master Instructor, Muscle Activation Techniques--MATrx Specialist

Ed Morand was introduced to Pilates while studying and working with the Dance Theater of Harlem.  What began as a sideline while he pursued a career in the performing arts transitioned to a position training and lecturing instructors for New York Sports Clubs soon after.  He then set out to combine his passions for conscientious fitness and bodywork with the creation of Beyond Pilates.  He has been an MAT Specialist for over a decade having recently attained that organization's highest status: MAT--Muscle Activation Techniques Rx certified Specialist. He is also versed in Posturology, having studied with its founder Dr. Bernard Bricot of the International Center for the Study of Posture in Marseilles, France. Ed has been featured and quoted in New York, Oprah's O Magazine, Strong, Men's Fitness, and Elle magazines, The New York Daily News, the books Boot Camp and The Pilates Method of Body Conditioning and has appeared on and/or trained the hosts of Later Today, Good Morning America (New York edition), and MSNBC's Morning Blend.   

Ever willing and eager to share his reverence and enthusiasm for the structure and function of the human body, Ed remains a perpetual student of biomechanics, anatomy, physiology and physics. He can be reached at ed@beyondpilates.net

Tina Luo, Instructor

 Originally intent on becoming a physical therapist, Tina was first introduced to Pilates during an internship at The Hospital for Joint Diseases in New York City. She was quickly hooked soon realizing that Pilates is not only  extremely effective, rewarding to teach as well.  Her firm belief that Pilates principles can be incorporated into almost any form of exercise has resulted in her teaching of Pilates-infused boot camps, interval training, and TRX classes.  She has an extensive knowledge of anatomy, background in rehabilitation, and years of experience working with diverse body types, fitness goals, and considerations including multiple sclerosis, and pre- and post-natal clients.

Tina's teaching style is informed, precise, and well tailored to the individual at hand.  In her eyes, Pilates should be challenging and, above all, never boring!

Fernanda Aldaz,  Instructor

Fernanda, an Associate Professor of the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (ISTD) holds a Degree in Contemporary Dance from the London Studio Center.  She began taking Pilates in high school as a way to prevent dance injuries and instantly fell in love with its mechanics. Fernanda was certified by Sport City University and trained at Body Evolution Pilates both in her native Mexico City.  Her knowledge of anatomy and movement helps her create challenging workouts uniquely suited to each individual's preferences and abilities. 

Chloe Goolsby, Instructor

A transplant from the Pacific Northwest, Chloe has been in love with movement since age three. Beginning with dance and acrobatic training, she has since gone on to train in ballet, modern, various aerial techniques, contortion, and gymnastics.  Shortly after beginning Pilates in college her ballet technique began to advance at a drastic pace as a result of the intense core training. She’s been hooked ever since!  After graduating from the University of Washington (Dance/Molecular Biology) she went on to work with several dance and cirque-based companies in Seattle, putting off Physical Therapy studies in order to pursue her dream to perform.

She is Stott Pilates certified and is most interested in the rehab side of Pilates, how it can completely transform bodies to become better, stronger versions of themselves, and still be an intense workout.