Change your body. Change your life.

At Beyond Pilates, we are passionately committed to giving you the best version of the body you were born with. Whether it's weight loss, toning or getting back in shape after years of attention to your career, your family or both, we will work with you to create the fitness and lifestyle plan that works for you.


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A one-on-one workout with a certified instructor that kicks your butt... and gives you the maximum in personal attention.

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Two-person sessions are semi-private workouts that manage generous amount of personal attention when it matters most.


A fun, full-body workout limited to 4 participants. You'll smile, maybe even laugh...if you can catch your breath.

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Muscle Activation Techniques


MAT--Muscle Activation Techniques is a comprehensive solution for assessing and correcting neuromuscular imbalances associated with pain and injury.

This is the only exercise plan I have ever stuck to and I actually look forward to going to class. My friends and family are convinced I have been abducted by aliens & brainwashed but I promise you, if you try will be addicted!
— Marie Rodrigues
I could not do 5 crunches in a row before going to Beyond Pilates. I now have a toned stomach, a strong back, not so much tension in my shoulders and increased flexibility.
— Janice Wang
I felt so good after the session and really had fun! I can’t wait to go back! This is definitely a workout you will stick with!
— Debra Sweet
The past 8 months at the studio have definitely changed my life! Thank you!
— Jayme Kowalsky